Monday, January 26, 2009

The Lie of Soviet Anti-Semitism

Another piece from my good comrade and friend Micheal Wood of the Gus Hall Action Club.

The Lie of Soviet Anti-Semitism

(A few preliminary words: V.I. Lenin was right: "Shame on those who foment hatred towards the Jews!" Down with the lie that equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism! Zionism is reactionary bourgeois nationalism that upholds Israel's state policies of aggression in league with the forces of Wall Street imperialism. "It is U.S. imperialism which has bolstered and dominated the Israeli economy and has supplied Israel with arms (and billions in grants, credits and cash). It has followed such a policy because it accords with the interests of the dominant sections of U.S. finance capital in the Middle East, with their desire to use Israel as a weapon against the Arab liberation movement and its threat to U.S. oil investments."--Hyman Lumer.)

Gus Hall, Marxist-Leninist former leader of the Communist Party of the United States, said that "Zionism is an unmitigated force for reaction and deadly enemy of the Jewish (and Palestinian) people.
Instead of condemning the Zionist expansionist imperialist state policies of the aggressive Israeli ruling class, capitalist propaganda screams that Jews were persecuted in the former socialist Soviet Union! The USSR is slandered as the land of anti-Semitism.
But this lie, as Gus Hall expressed eloquently, "turns historical facts on their head!" Victor Perlo noted that "such propaganda is forced to nitpick at dubious or marginal cases (in order to) distract attention away from the massive and continuous expressions of anti-Semitism and racism in the United States and other capitalist countries, as well as the racist actions and anti-Semitic actions--stoning of synagogues, etc., which have no counterpart in the USSR.
" Gus Hall, the great Communist, tore through the lie about the USSR: "the truth is there is anti-Semitism. But it is in the capitalist world. And, like racism, it is on the rise right here in the United States.
(Victor Perlo, Economics of Racism USA, 1980, Third Printing, International Publishers; Gus Hall, "The Big Lie and the Jewish-American Community," in Anti-Semitism and Zionism, First Printing, 1987, International Publishers)

Before the October Socialist Revolution of 1917, anti-Semitism was whipped up and frenzied chauvinist mobs attacked Jewish communities. The Tsar used anti-Semitism as a weapon to divide working class, peasant and oppressed peoples in order to carry out a monstrous robbery of the people. The great Communist leader V.I. Lenin, an enemy of anti-Semitism, spoke out: "Shame on accursed Tsarism which tortured and persecuted the Jews.
Shame on those who foment hatred towards the Jews!" And Lenin ripped the smokescreen off of anti-Semitism: "Capitalists foment hatred towards the Jews in order to blind the workers, to divert their attention away from the real enemy of the working people--capital.
(Lenin, Anti-Jewish Pogroms, 1919)

(V.I. Lenin: ’It is not the Jews who are the enemies of the working people. The enemies of the working people are the capitalists of all countries.’)

Socialism in the former Soviet Union, by smashing capitalism’s material basis for racism, achieved unprecedented gains for Jews and masses of distinct nationalities.
Anti-Semitism, rotten in every fiber, was a "throwback to the past" days of an exploitative society and, as Hall revealed: "Soviet socialism completely wiped out the degrading oppression, the poverty-stricken, pogrom ridden ghetto existence of the Jewish people under czarism.
" Henry Winston, a deceased African-American militant with the Communist Party USA, witnessed the gains made by oppressed peoples in the USSR and spoke out boldly: "the Soviet Union (was) a multi-racial, multinational society born out of a struggle based on the solidarity of the Russian working classes of more than 50 oppressed nations and peoples.
" The great Communist Gus Hall was indignant: "The Soviet Union is accused of anti-Semitism but it (was) the only country in the history of the world that had pursued a policy of affirmative action, the Leninist policy of equality and justice for all peoples and nationalities!" And in the former socialist Soviet Union, racist, nationalist and anti-Semitic propaganda and actions were illegal.
(Henry Winston, Strategy for a Black Agenda; Gus Hall, "The Big Lie and the Jewish-American Community," in Anti-Semitism and Zionism, First Printing, 1987, International Publishers)

Jews were educated, not persecuted, in the working class' first homeland of socialism.
A book which examined the socialist countries reveals that "more Jews attended college in the USSR than in Israel, despite the fact that the Jewish population of the USSR was smaller than that of Israel. The percentage of Jews among Soviet college students (was) twice as high as the percentage of Jews in the Soviet population as a whole." And "according to Soviet sources, the USSR (had) a greater proportion of college graduates per 1,000 Jews than any other country in the world.
" (Erwin Marquit, The Socialist Countries, 1981, Third Printing, MEP)

Capitalist America, not the former Soviet Union, is a cesspool of anti-Semitism.
As Gus Hall said, "the Jewish people in the U.S. (overwhelmingly working class) are subjected to discrimination in employment, housing and other aspects of life. And they are a chief target of the fascist ultra-Right.
" We must fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish discrimination in the United States! We also have to speak out in America, along with progressive Jewish people, against Zionist "bourgeois nationalism" that is "a base of support to Israel’s policies of aggression.
Down with the Zionist lie that equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism! Zionist government policies make Israel U.S. imperialism’s expansionist watchdog in the Middle East, oppressing Arab peoples and "separating Jewish working people from other workers and (tying) them to the Jewish capitalists.
" As Black Communist Henry Winston said: "Zionism is imperialism; it is racism.
(Gus Hall, Our Nation’s Crisis and How to Solve It; Henry Winston, "Against Apologists for Imperialism, Zionism, Racism," Anti-Semitism and Zionism, First Printing, 1987, International Publishers)

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some People Say I am Biased

Another piece of proletarian poetry by our own comrade Matt.
(Btw, look out for a new blog post covering the topic of a vanguard party)

Some people say I am biased

Some people say I am biased
They say you know you got a lot to say
About how bad this country really is
But what about the other side huh
What are we gonna do about all these illegal aliens
Listen up assholes
Cause I am only going to say this once
First off
No you know what
Fuck that
Illegal aliens? Illegal aliens?
What the fuck you talking about man
Bootlegged copies of ET
Cause I know damn sure
You are not talking about members
Or friends of my family
Cause if you are let me assure you
I am not related to ewoks
Extra terrestrials or Marvin the fucking Martian
Some people say I am biased
You are God damn right I am biased
You are talking about destroying families
Wrecking communities and not in some distant land
You are talking about people I grew up with
Cause mom's got papers son's got papers
But dad doesn’t
And though my birth certificate reads American
I am not more you than I am them
And personally I wouldn’t whipe my ass
With your documents
They might stain my bowels
Some people say I am biased
They say you know you got a lot to say
About our economic system
But which side are you really on?
How do you propose we win the war on terrorism
To which I respond
I don’t see how that correlates but
Terrorism? Really? Terrorism?
Be they the Taliban, UNITA, ARENA,
Pol Pot after being deposed by Vietnamese communists
The contras, the KLA or the KKK
This country does business with terrorists
In fact those cats are just subcontract
America is in the business of terrorism
And they are in it to win it
Don’t believe check out the financial stats
On Boeing and McDonnell Douglas
They stay in the black
Like Blackwater
A whole army of mercenaries
Running roughshod in Iraq
Accountable to no one
You know after Katrina
They were patrolling New Orleans
And in much stronger force than FEMA
Terrorism how about the racist PD’s
Seems every few months they make the news
But they are gunning down dudes
Don’t talk to me about terrorism
I have lived ghettoes and barrios
I know terrorism all to well
Some people say I am biased
Saying you know you talk a lot about problems
But I don’t hear a whole lot of solutions
Whats your answer
That’s easy
Abolishing private property
The complete abolition of capitalism
That’s easy
Getting there is the hard part
Cause you see I am talking revolution
And I know the odds
And I know the historical conditions
And at this point in history
I know how ridiculous that must seem
But when this shit does pop off
I wanna be eagle scout ready
I am talking revolution
And you are God damn right I am biased
And you are God damn right I am angry
But I am not using poetry
To be some dystopian
Offering no solutions
Misanthropic …. Loser!!!
And I am in it to win it
Some people say I am biased
But then again
Some people aint got shit to say